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We provide a variety of accountancy services for our business clients, ranging from Accounts only to Compliance, Compliance +, and our Platinum service. Each level provides you and your business with increasingly comprehensive accountancy and business report services.

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Accounts only

Our prices for this service begin from £1,150 per annum


Some/all of the following (including Accounts only)

  • Processing purchase invoices/statements
  • Processing sales invoices/remittance advices
  • Maintaining all bank/credit card/payment control accounts
  • Maintaining the company fixed asset register
  • Maintaining income recognition/stock schedules (if applicable)
  • Payroll under RTI (or payroll support if using Xero Payroll)
  • Processing payroll into the nominal ledger
  • CIS Monthly returns (if applicable)
  • Completion of VAT Returns (and supporting VAT Reconciliations)
  • Completion of EC Sales Reports (if applicable)
  • PBBS Quarterly Financial Report

Our prices for this service begin from £2,300 per annum

Compliance +

Compliance and….

      • Profit and loss budgeting
      • PBBS Monthly Financial Report

And can include by agreement,

      • Facilitating payments to suppliers and staff

Our prices for this service begin from £5,750 per annum


Compliance + and…

      • 90 day forecasting and strategic financial planning
      • Bespoke business analytics

Our prices for this service begin from £7,500 per annum

Our report includes as standard: Profit and Loss Account (vs Budget if applicable), Balance Sheet, Aged Debtors, Aged Creditors, and a Cash Summary.

Our Business Services Specialist

Lynne Buchholz

The Business Services department, headed by Lynne Buchholz, is aimed at clients with SME businesses that require on-going financial and business advice throughout the year.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We moved from Sage to Xero in 2014. Now I have instant access to our accounting data, anywhere, anytime. Xero is easy to use and beautifully designed. I can perform quick reviews of the business performance and position.

“Ian was an important part of the switch, helping and advising us in planning, implementing and then monitoring the finance function. I wish we had met him sooner.”

Energist UK Limited

“We moved to Xero in 2013. Prior to this, we struggled to share information around the business. We have now been using Xero for 2 years.Thinking back, we actually used to send screenshots of information around on emails, which seems unbelievable now.

“Ian helped us with the switch, which was totally seamless and happened almost overnight. We love using Xero, it’s just so easy and allows us to focus on other areas.”

Torquil Rowley and Helen Mosser

Fleet Elite Vehicle Management Limited

“We have been using Xero since 2011. We have real time currency gains and losses reported through Xero. This is essential for a business dealing in multiple currencies and countries.

“We have a long lead time in enquiries and sales orders and we use Xero to control the total process. Being able to run basic reports helps me to assess my business position on a daily basis if needed.

“Ian has been working with the company for five years and helped us raise funding on three separate occasions and each time the financials were immaculately presented.”

Peter King

Spice Application Systems Limited

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